entertainment and distraction

We are developing a cross platform location-based game for children and young adults in Norwegian hospitals. The game is titled “Finn Skatten På Sykehuset”. The game provides entertainment and distraction for hospitalized children and young adults and it will offer so much more.

Many kids and families struggle with loneliness and isolation during long hospital stays — kids have trouble getting motivated for physical therapy, and parents get worried about giving them too much pain medication.

We ensure that the solutions are tested and adapted to the hospitals requirements while at the same time satisfying laws, standards and norms, including the privacy and security regulations of Helse Sør-ost.

Huibert de Jong
XTEND CTO/Projectleader

An important contribution to improving the hospital experience

Any hospital in the Nordic and Europe wants to improve patient care and want that gamification plays an important role to help improve the hospital experience and healing process. The past years there has been a bigger focus on facilitating for children and young adults in hospitals.

  • Our game provide emotional support and are effective distractors, reducing anxiety, and stress in children.

  • Our game provides entertainment and combats boredom during long hours of treatment, extended stays, and after visiting hours have ended. Plus, it’s an activity that the whole family can participate in.

  • Playing games gives hospitalized children a sense of normalcy, which is very important during a challenging medical journey.

  • Our game requires user participation and this lead to less perception of pain at the central brain level not only helping patients with pain management but also making difficult procedures easier for hospital staff.

  • Our game allows physical therapists to capitalize on their patients’ functional abilities in fun and novel ways and could prescribe less pain medication.

Realistic 3D animations

There are 5 different dragons to choose from. The selection is saved along with status, user info and score. The dragons are fully animated and you can eliminate the enemy by firing a laser beam or fire. It is also possible to run, fly and more.
The ultimate goal is to find the treasure in the hospital and to open it. To find this treasure you first need to earn enough points by eliminating 4 groups of enemy characters who will do anything to protect the treasure and make it difficult for the player to find it. After finishing a level it will be possible to try a more difficult level. All players start with 100% health. The level drops if they have been touched by one of the enemy characters. The score will be visible in one of the top corners, and it will be possible to pause the game and continue later.

The game uses the hospital as a real-time background and will be free to download for children and young adults in hospitals.

the flying crabs

The first group are the flying crabs. The player must avoid being touched by them because this will reduce their health very quickly.

The exploding pufferfish

The exploding pufferfish will hunt you down and explode if you make them very angry. It is good that the players are already in hospital ;-)

Whimsical nautilus

The most dangerous of the enemies. It crawls and hides in corners and can come from behind. It's important not to be touched by its tentacles.

put it back in the box animal

There's not much to say about it, except that they should not have taken it out of the box. He can move on the ground, but also on the walls.

About us and our technology

We are, XTEND AS, a design-driven innovative company in Oslo and we produce and distribute state of the art XR (Extended Reality) for healthcare. We focus on designing, implementing, and maintaining next generation location-based gamification what will reduce patient stress and anxiety, improve facility operations and workflows, and have profoundly positive impacts on the confidence and well-being of patients and visitors. The past years there has been an bigger focus in Norway on facilitating for children and young adults in hospitals.

Our new technology based on AR Foundation (ARCore – Android and ARKit for IOS) allows the phone or tablet to understand and track its position relative to the world (six degrees of freedom) and the environmental understanding allows the phone to detect the size and location of flat horizontal surfaces like the floor or walls in a hospital or a table. This means the user will see the game objects in the hospital.

Nearly all children in Norwegian hospitals have access to a telephone or tablet and they will be very much engaged in the game because they play the game with the hospital as a real-time and realistic backdrop. 


We signed an innovationcontract with Sunnaas hospital and the technological set-up and design concepts are made in collaboration with Sunnaas sykehus. The design concepts of the game are approved by the youth council of the hospital. We will work close with Sunnaas sykehus to develop and test the game.

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